the living canvas

The Living Canvas

The Living Canvas is everywhere, in all medium and in many forms.

As a child growing up in Calcutta, India, I learned from one of the old masters of classical Indian art. He taught me to see any surface as a potential canvas, from a dried leaf to an old discarded piece of wood. I painted on surfaces of fabric, asbestos sheets, wood panels, clay and on anything that came my way. After earning my diploma in graphic design from Delhi I entered the world of advertising where I could continue to feed my love of the arts in a more sustainable way.

I continue to create art in my free time. My art work is a collection of episodes that afford glimpses into moments of clarity and have been essential in my journey.


with the first brush stroke

the canvas becomes the master

and leads me through a spirit journey. 

i remain receptive as thoughts unscramble and a story unfolds on a living canvas.


inspired by the energy of india,

the spirit of taiwan,

the beauty of our planet,

the embrace of its people.


Roma Mehta